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Our MOST POPULAR program!

Do you know the cost of losing one good customer?  Well, multiply that by hundreds each year and that will tell you if customer service training is important to you.  According to numerous studies, the number one reason customers choose not to come back to you will be because of a poor employee attitude.  Not product quality, not price, not location!  67% of them will have been turned off or irritated by one or more employees.  Organizations spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to advertise for new customers and yet won’t spend one cent on training employees to deal with them once they come through the door!  Customer service training is the BEST investment you can make in your people and your organization.  It really is the only way you can survive today, and it is MOST DEFINITELY the only way you can grow!  Competition is tougher, customers have more choices and margins are getting thinner.  Better customer service will win every time – even when you are competing with BIGGER AND CHEAPER!

Customer Service Eagles

This program has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of participants in retail, manufacturing, government, finance, health care, non-profit and many others.  It is consistently rated as OUTSTANDING!  Appropriate for all levels within in an organization, participants take away real information they can begin using immediately on the job. All participants will receive a free copy of Joe's book Customer Service Eagles.

Take the best of Pike Place Fish Market®, Disney®, Nordstrom®, Southwest Airlines®, FED EX®, L L BEAN®, Stew Leonards®, Krispy Kreme®, Mitchells® and other WORLD CLASS customer service organizations, add 20 years of personal experience, sprinkle in over 150 books, articles and research studies, and this is the result! Customer service is THE KEY to the future success of your organization. In our half-day workshop, participants will learn:

  • The TOP TEN service mistakes customer hate

  • The TOP TEN service details that customers rave about
  • The MAGIC WORDS they love as well as those they despise
  • The secrets of WORLD CLASS COMPANIES
  •  SEVEN CRITICAL ELEMENTS to achieving excellence
  •  Handling problems and complaints–how to be a FANTASTIC FIXER
  • TEN KEYS to effective communication
  •  How to identify, meet and then EXCEED customer expectations
  •  Four keys from the WORLD FAMOUS “FISH”VIDEO

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